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How to start painting?

There are a lot of guides for helping in painting for beginners but you have to know that there are some other important things which need your attention too. You have to be careful about the cleanliness and the comfort of your work area because without comfort you will get tired quickly and you will not enjoy your painting time. Painting is to make yourself relax and get rid of tensions but when you are not in a comfortable position then you will not enjoy your painting. You can attend classes or art Dubai and there you will get a lot of tips on how to enjoy your paint time and here are a few of these tips:

You have to be in a room where is ample amount of light and if you sit in a room where you will get sunlight or natural light easily then it will be better for you because you will get to see the real colors in that light and it will help you to choose better and paint better. When you are not in a fully lit room then you will get difficulty in painting accurately also if you have to paint very smaller areas of your paining then you can use a magnifying glass for that.

You have to select a comfortable place to sit. If you feel comfortable by putting your canvas on a table then use that otherwise use a good quality easel and it will help you in painting comfortably. Your neck, back and your shoulders should be in ease while painting otherwise you will start getting muscle issues and it will hurt you for longer and if the condition persist then it may be fatal for you so you have to find a position in which your entire body will be in the relaxed mode.

You have to keep your work area clean of anything unnecessary especially the valuable items should not be placed near your canvas because while painting you may get some paint on nearby places and it may ruin your expensive piece of decoration. You may get this happen by accident or when you have other around you then the chances of this kind of accidents will be more so you have to be careful. Also you have to start painting at a place where you can paint without any outer disturbance.