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Facts about education

Facts about education

According to UNICEF and the best JLT nurseries, education of primary level should be free in all over the world. Some educational institutes say that it will affect their business but the fact is that teaching was never a business, it was a service. We also believe that every service has some sort of charges but now a days, teaching has become a proper business. Even in this pandemic, the educational institutes made money in the same manner but with slow income flows.

Education can change a person’s life and vision. If you are about to become an educator or you are about to open an educational institute then we suggest that you take a look at some interesting facts about education powered by the best nursery in Marina Dubai.

In all developing countries, the public schools are not free. The parents have to bear the expense of uniforms, books and much more. Even though, these things cost almost nothing but still public schools mean that they have to be free of everything but since the word is ‘developing countries’, it may take them some years to make the public schools totally free.

There are some people who don’t send their kids to school on purpose and the number of those children is 67 million across the globe. And due to pandemic, this number is increasing. Before the pandemic, 15 million children were enrolled in some kind of educational institute which is still a less number.

The most shocking fact is that after 12th standard, most students don’t continue to study and the number of these kids is 226 million and it is due to expensive higher education. The sad part is that now a days, gender discrimination is still a big thing and it is seen that non-educated females are more then men and this number is a lot in developing countries and ever since the coronavirus began, this rate was exceeded to 70% more.

This will be a shocker to the gender discriminators that 59% of the boys repeat their classes for good grade. However, the number of females who repeat the classes for better grades is just 12%. It is said that people who are more educated get a raise of wage between 10% to 20%.