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5 Tips for Buying the Perfect School Bag Online

5 Tips for Buying the Perfect School Bag Online

Do you want your child to have the best school experience possible? The first step is getting them a great school bag in Dubai that they will love. It’s hard to know what size and style of bag to buy, but it doesn’t have to be! In this blog post, we are going to give you 5 helpful tips for buying the perfect school bag. We’ll cover topics like sizing, styles, and how much money you should expect to spend on a good quality bag. Let’s get started!

Get to know your child’s style:

You may not love their idea of “cool”, but they will be more likely to use a backpack if it is something that appeals to them. Also, make sure you aren’t buying two different backpacks for the same kid! It can get confusing and frustrating very quickly. If possible, go with one or both parents when choosing styles together so no buyer’s remorse sets in later on down the line!

Bag Sizes:

The average high school student uses an 18″ – 20″ bag which means most bags are designed this way by default (outside of sports equipment). For younger kids, steer towards smaller sizes like 12″ – 14″. If you’ll be using the bag for sports like soccer, make sure to consider types of equipment and how it will fit inside.

Make a list of must-haves:

This is your chance to figure out what features you need in order for this bag to function properly! For example, if you’re looking for something that can keep all their books dry during rainstorms then we would recommend considering backpacks with waterproof fabric or lining material. There are lots of great options out there so don’t get stuck on just one style or color.

Know where the backpack needs improvement:

It’s important not to focus too much on things like ergonomics unless they simply cannot live without them! The reality is some brands offer better quality materials and overall construction than others. If you’re interested in a “high-quality” backpack, we recommend looking for brands that sell products made from top notch manufacturers.


Of course, price is often the most important factor when making any purchase online. We can’t stress enough how much money you’ll save buying your kids school bags (backpacks) online! An average branded bag will be at least AED 200-250 whereas online shops have lots of options under AED100.