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Tips to survive at workspace

Tips to survive at workspace

It doesn’t matter if you work in a traditional office or flexible workspace London, you will always find little hints of competition and sarcasm at these places which is nearly inevitable to avoid. You can try to ignore it for the longest time possible or make your way through them and survive it like a pro. If you choose the second option first then don’t worry as we have got you covered with these tips:

  • Be professional

Think before you speak is the key to be successful in any situation under any circumstances and this will get you through. Always try and avoid spreading gossips and rumours and try to keep your demeanor professional by listening to everyone and speaking when your input is asked. Offer advice when you feel it is appropriate because your words carry importance and have a tendency to misunderstand and misinterpret as well as being used against you later on, thus be careful what you speak about.

  • Keep trustworthy people close to you

It is natural for individuals to seek out a group of people and friends that they prefer and would like to talk to about certain matters seeking advice. Be careful about whom you choose to include in your group because whoever you choose to trust you will eventually be open and honest to them about your feelings and once those feelings are out, remember they will be known by everyone in the office or flexible workspace London and your likes and dislikes can be heard, thus speak about things that you are comfortable in sharing with the whole place.

  • Keep useful people close to you

Look beyond the tittles and ranks but consider experience instead. Look around and observe closely those people who are useful and understand how the organization works, look out for people with connections and make a good connection with them yourself as these people who attract others can come in handy in immediate situations. Learn how they interact with other people in the organization making space. These people are often the ones who avoid self promotion and taking the credit for other people’s hard work. They will teach you on how to keep the place together and protect the ones in your team.